Blood donation

On December 20 PUC together with National Blood Donation Center raised an activity to promote blood donation.

This is not a first time that PUC has done this activity, so it is not surprised to the students at all. The majority of students kept coming hour by hour since the early morning till the late afternoon.

“I fell normal after donated blood even better than before I have not done it because I am healthy. Only 350mg of blood exported was nothing to me,” said Mr. Em Ravuth in his level 3 of study at Institute of Foreign Language.

Blood donation can do as many times as you wish at least 3 months after the last donated, said Dr. Thai Sok Heng, Chief of Department of National Blood Donation Center. Blood will be produced again to substitute the old, added Dr. Thai Sok Heng.
My blood must be very helpful to the sick who is in need of blood. It is like I can save one life, said Mr. El Samith in his second time of blood donated.